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Totall​y reinvesting into our students and community

State of the Art Music Studio

Our lesson rooms are state of the art, featuring sound resistant 8ft. glass panel doors, Quiet Rock and Mineral Wool insulation for soundproofing between rooms and curved wall interiors for optimal resonance and sound quality. All rooms are fully air conditioned and heated, have dimmable LED ceiling lighting, and offer free Wi-Fi and CAT6 in each room. It also includes a site wide ionization system to effectively eliminate airborne viruses, bacteria and odor.

Adult and Children Lessons

We offer both adult and children's lessons. As a former school teacher for both High School and Middle school, not only have I understood the importance of educational curriculum instruction, but also cognitive, behavioral and proper social development as well. While employed at the Folsom/Cordova Unified School District, I taught African Djembe Drumming for the Stars Academy After School Program.


Conga Lessons

Conga Lessons are individual lessons personally designed by the instructor to reach the maximum potential of the student. Each student will understand the origin and development of congas as they relate to their origins and modern music development.

African Djembe

African Djembe Lessons are offered in a group setting and will also include a facilitator led drum circle. Each student will discover the origination of the African drum prior to expanding to almost every other continent on the planet. Each student will learn it's introduction and popularity into western culture in the early 1970's as presented by the Alvin Ailey African dance troop. 


Bongo Lessons are also taught in individual lessons. Although very different from the conga and djembe drum, bongos have a very distinct origin in Afro-Cuban and Latin music. Bongos are also attributed to Caribbean and Brazilian origins as well, as featured in the Bossa and Bohemian styles of music.

Music is truly a gift to the listener, but a definitive livelihood to the musician.

Nothing is more valued in any society than the gift of music. Music and food are the two most successful components in unifying various cultures, communities and ideologies. 
Drumming is identified as the backbone of music, such as our heartbeat is the sustaining rhythm of life. It is understood that when you drum you connect yourself directly to the heartbeat of the soul. "Drumming the heartbeat of the Soul".